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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 23, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> good morning, thursday, the first fall day of fall, and yes the warm-up begins. we'll explain years louisa. >> good morning. here's a look good side, bay bridge approach, you can see a clear shot not dealing with any fog this morning first full day of fog like dimensions. next amines a warm-up. a hot weekend ahead, here's a look good starter in a larger current temperatures 56 degrees for san francisco 61 oakland, upper 50s for hayward. 52 fremont, 53 san jose.
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gillian was goddess of 49. future cast, temperatures into the 50s, 60s than by about noon mr. to warm up temperatures jumping up into the '70s. we could talk about in the 80s today. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. 85 degrees for the warmer location seven is around the bay '60s to the coast, by the weekend that is when you really start to heat things up. the upper 90s by sunday hot weather expected for monday triple digits. hundred 01 digits traffic with erica. >> choir morning on a whole lot going on the roadways easy conditions outside take it down to the bay bridge, just a few cars on the road. headed westbound towards the city we here's an overnight construction in affected in incline and treasure island shutting down the right hand lane and sulfide. but again very nice conditions
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pretty good dry thyme 8 minutes in the foot of the macarthur maze towards fremont. christine is bridge to the macarthur maze 18 minutes. if you're think you taking the san mateo bridge, everything is moving well. very few taillights making their way in the commune direction the headlights coming in than a word rain now tracking problem as from and to and no signs of overnight construction checking in at the golden gate, a little foggy, and very nice, easy ride. a few cars headed southbound. nevada to san francisco 22 minute trip of your taking highway 37 are to the east bay and 580 shorts freeman arrived. james. thank you >>. oakland police are investigating a shooting happened overnight in a nightclub. here is an oakland 14 08, it happened of the caribbean city nightclub. there are no further details at this point
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investigators are on staff looking for a citizen get more friction you know. another developing story gasoline explosion crews will begin cleaning up the after that explosion that happened back on some covering ninth fire destroyed 34 homes, three of their severely damaged and so were several cars in left trail of destruction through the neighborhood kron4 is christine connolly has details of the operation that is expected to get underway today. >> hear you can see some of the heavy equipment the crews of movement as they get ready to remove debris here on thursday night walking through the process to help harmon says that they will begin by taking away some of the birds jokers like you see here. crews will focus on one property at a time, as i can over here you can see it's hard to tell exactly where these properties are witches workers to put up green signs like this one here it shows the addresses of where these homes once stood.
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take away all the ash, all of the debris once all of that is hauled away, then it will tear down the chimneys, the walls. they will deploy the foundations of the other two-3 in. deep in the sort of. here's with health harmon had to say about have to protect the neighborhood. >> while we're working will monitor the premier but also each individual worksite. the minute there we find any information that shows there are the jurors during a matter how just. we will stop. >> the coroner's office confirmed the deaths of three members of the bolas family. 17 year-old william and his father gregory, along with trees mother, there were identified through dna testing of the remains found in the family's home this pushes the death toll
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to 7. this was the scene in millbrae after a gas line was broken by a construction crew it with the neighborhood on edge. and happen just before 6 last nine police cleared the area and closed up 10 blocks between millbrae and senators pga cruz river to cap the gas and fairly quickly this in no one was any real danger because of the brick traffic was reopened. new details the board of directors met last night and can't find your decision on whether not to cut public services and taft kron4 has the results on why the trades and the agency continues to >> >> ac transit's border directors unanimously approved a significantly a cutting weekend and late service because of the budget deficit. ac transit spokesman explains how the cuts will affect the riding public.
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>> we're cutting l.a.'s top for weekend service their of the server is running the airline not the main corridors in addition to which they also opted to cut four or r six late- night services their abuser restaurants for midnight virion server the agency in the employees' union has failed to reach an agreement in which the board of directors say could save more than $15 million and for markups. there bridge to reach an agreement soon. >> i think the we need to grow the bargaining table lock in savings union has offered ac transit and stop blocking out writers to. >> before the major decision writers out of. >> the economy depends on
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comprehensive transit this is the third time we're cutting service. >> they also decided to postpone his decision so the next meeting to use an independent contractor for transit service. which physically challenged individuals. >> in order to raise money bart is looking into ways of generating advertising the bart board to discuss our ride is today at their meeting kron4 is maureen kelly it was for one of those ideas to bart stations. it is unlikely that the civic center station will ever become the order king station because they want to give stations named in a way that helps those using the system know where they are one of getting around but they're looking at the idea of what this selling secondary near its such as the civic center station or to buy starbucks. the idea got mixed reactions.
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>> the seams are ridiculous. is that at&t barbara parker is there a resist the ballpark so naming rights for birds stations seems ridiculous. >> if it helps make money any key to clean and functioning then i think they should do that. i mean the whole world is doing so corporate we need a break from burger king, bart stations. >> i don't like the idea. but i guess what ever there to do to raise money. >> so says the naming rights has come up several times around last four years and has the job done every time but they're looking at a $7.5 billion shortfall over the next three years so any idea about raising cash is being considered. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. including the latest on
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the health-care overhaul bill six months into it there's of features that go into effect now we'll take a closer look at it coming up. a shot from these big, and albany sure you traffic on was but 80 as you make your way down to berkeley.
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and your back, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. boyer we are kicking off a warming trend beginning today, 85 mercer degrees inland mid-70s around the bay, mid-60s that the coast and everybody will see a big bump in temperatures as we headed to friday, saturday, sunday monday looks to be the hottest of the next seven with temperatures getting up to the triple digits in the end table and the upper 80s around the bay, seven days of the coast this weekend will be great if you think you might want to head to the beach. today marks the six month anniversary of the health-care overhaul bill. we did bring some new benefits for some americans. insurance plans
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can no longer set lifetime caps. parents can keep their adult children on their propfans until the age of 26 and insurers can no longer deny coverage to children of pre-existing conditions. also preventative care will no longer require co- payments the changes go into effect for some cable this week and your engineers were slapped way to lend. here's a quick check of market headlines, stocks are edging lower at this hour signing a bill yesterday to the labor department reports on new claims for unemployment and the national association of realtors will report on sales of existing homes for august. insiders are looking for a bounce there. as expected video rental chain blockbuster has now filed for vagrancy protection that came in overnight at this point the government says it will keep 3000 of its stores open. starks plans to raise prices on some of its bigger harder to make drinks. this
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comes as rock coffee prices are on the rise. state legislators will be meeting again today in los angeles to discuss california's $19 billion budget deficit they met with gov. schwarzenegger yesterday said that he could be close to home as he battles or cold. democrats are pushing for new taxes and delaying corporate tax breaks while republicans want deeper cuts off the day's expected to pass without the governor's signing a spending plan though. when that happens it will mark the long as the california has gone out and the approved budget. decisions for the 10's, a new poll shows jerry brown leading his broken challenger make women, the results were released figures for likely voters in california brown came in with 47 percent support. will women have 42 percent. in another reported released woodmen and brown their nearly tied 47%. a neck-and-neck race
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despite the huge disparity in spending. police officers say keeps thousands of kids out of trouble every year. but now san jose's police activities league is facing drastic cuts. jonathan bloom explains the problem and what this could mean. >> here in san jose the largest police activities league in the country is facing major money problems city budget cuts have stripped the program out of two of four police officers staffing and pay cuts mean the league will lose tens of thousands of dollars. organizers for the league will have to cut nearly half of the programs to serve nearly 12,000 youngsters. they're looking help from the city and private donors. >> we'll take a break, more news straight ahead of the kron4 morning news' lead as the roadside give you a quickly cured salmon there bridge traffic on 92 credit from
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hayward to foster
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one of a mass kron4 morning news, thursday morning, for 2:00 pm a clear shot a downtown. no fog in sight. first official day of fall, and get back this summer like temperatures so we have a warm up to date. and then as we head towards the weekend it will get even hotter in fact we will call that he waived. current temperature is 56 for san francisco. 52 cinephile, oakland 61, napa forties. also in the 40's and los gatos. by 10:00, we'll get of the '50s, '60s by noon we should see if you here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. said there and today looks like we did archer worker way into a few days. and then the local back down into the '60s, '70s. your arginine
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eyes bringing us up to 81 degrees for santa rosa these and your napa. 84 for fairfield from 82 in concord. 70 in san francisco, 73 around the bay. eighties and those cards and more than help. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. there's sure that warming trend over next couple of days, check out a string of sunny days really warm keeping their temperatures in the '90s. through much of the weekend is around the bay, '70s for the coast from monday we actually bring in triple digits. one no one is expected for a high next week. tiring house for 16 creek checked and your commute. >> the benefit of waking up as early as you now run into any problems on our roadways. bridgeport, no problems of the bay bridge, traffic is moving well for all approaches for your westbound ride, we do as an overnight construction between the incline and treasure island, that's only hitting the
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right hand lane not really a problem only affect 05 a.m. keeping a very good dry time just about eight minutes in the foot of the macarthur maze as you make your way towards fremont. checking in now san mateo, no from steer those taillights headed in the commune direction pretty easy conditions outside. no problems, delays in the the director crossband. 12 minute trent end. no proo make your with your marin county into the city. the rotor to ziv of cisco 22 manager. wrapping up with a quick shot of the upper east shore freeway, was found 80 moving to albany a livermore company and raise still traffic is moving up the limit. no promises to make your way towards the bay bridge toll plaza here red coming from golden gate into downtown clocking in at 15 minutes. james. >> thank you. the headlines of the south bay and says they
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believe saucers' facing criminal investigations, it is connected with the lead to false arrest of his stepdaughters for friends.
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and iraq, a bridge check, bay bridge westbound 80 no proms and the span either. creek drive to oakland in san francisco getting on over to san mateo bridge, light traffic. no big promise to report chp is clear, no accidents, no incidents. one last look, golden gate bridge coming in from marin county one may be two sets of headlights. it is an easy commute. i miss it is our fingers crossed it stays that way. now on to world news, a tropical depression georgette is moving across the gulf of mexico stirring things up. this was the scene yesterday, you can see some of the waves there were generated crushing the ones as well it is bringing lots of rain to areas very pretty wet.
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georgette could bring more rain to the areas in the u.s. a tropical storm watch is in effect for stretch of the coast of the mexican mainland also and mexico over king carl is gone it is still causing problems it is being blamed for the days of heavy rains which have caused serious flooding in mexico and texas. you can see people standing knee deep water. and perhaps that foot of rain fell. aside from their rented homes and roads there are now mudslides being reported. hurricane igor in the meantime has been pelting of lead the coast with heavy rain. it has been so bad some residents have been stranded in their homes. flooding continues in india after the wettest monsoon in years. flooding, mudslides have killed dozens of people. if there's concerns over rising river levels it is not making things any easier for people were tried to get ready for the commonwealth games. the sporting event is scheduled to begin next
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month the many venues just not ready. the 33 miners trapped in chile have now been underground for nearly 50 days. there is growing optimism that they will get out of lot sooner than originally of estimated chile's president has promised the country they be home by christmas the back-to happen by early november you're looking at a third drug is being used to great treat a narrow escape chutes. work has started on designing the capsule that will lift the men to safety. we'll keep you updated. giving performance bonuses to teachers does not raise student test scores. they found that students wtsin classrooms or t-shirts or read mayor ray not on the outperformed the glasses were educators the bonus for but farrell of other benefits. president barack obama has been pushing for merit pay as a way to help improve education. a
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complete lighter weather and traffic coming up, and live look to the golden gate, traffic seems to be moving pretty good to the golden gate, traffic seems to be moving pretty good out of line. ♪ [ female announcer ] the best way to tell how great you look is in your jeans. drop a jean size in two weeks with the special k challenge™ and enjoy a good source of fiber in many of your favorite special k® products. ♪ jeans don't lie. go to to design your plan.
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4:30 a.m., ruth camera, we're kicking awful. on a warm note louisa is tracking these warm and soon to be high temperatures. >> you say this fall mother nature says it is summer. it is going to be hot. today will fill the warmup, a shot of san mateo and currently in san mateo temperatures are in the '50s. 52 degrees by noon jumping to 70 of high temperature of about 74. back down into the upper 60s by the the clock hour. it will be hot. temperatures for this weekend, jumping into the 90s and sunny and in spots by as early as friday. today edie's
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ron '90s and we just continue to grow through the weekend, a checked out monday this does not look like an autumn temperature, 1 01, we would as continued heated up even into the beginning of next week. temperatures in the '80s around the bay, '70s along the coastline. currently debitors sitting in the '50s, '60s still in 47 to santa rosa. napa. 61 your oakland 574 concord and hayward mountain view. temperatures are low 50s. into the afternoon rings and '80s into the forecast to 81 for santa rosa, haiti and now, 84 fairfield. 7 these are on the bay. 74 oakland, it is done in seven places like los daughters, morgan hill. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. continues to highlight that warming trend, much more by this weekend in fact if your plans to go to the beach it should be great weather. clear conditions,
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funny of sunshine warm, hot temperatures on monday. quick check on your morning commute. >> thank you, not trekking in hot spots, but we are tracking is an easy commute, very few cars that side coming from all approaches. once you make your way past as biggest media hours or overnight construction in effect between the incline and dryland strutting down the right hand lane into a 5:00 a.m. but again nice, light conditions outside just about an eight minute trip from the foot of the maze. coming from the cortines bridge, only clocking in about 18 minutes. if you're thinking of taking san mateo, no problems you can see this taillights headed in the commune direction no problems to report in the the direction. checking in at the golden gate, so quiet, just a couple cars headed in the southbound direction. novato towards the city is about a 22
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minute trip. wrapping up with a quick look at crosstown traffic, here's the james lick and san francisco. no problems for those of you making your way toward the peninsula, your ride from the 10180 slid toward san francisco about 15 and a ride. if you are headed eastbound towards the lower deck, very easy conditions there. james. >> thank you new for you this morning we've been following the story and oakland were police investigating a shooting that happened overnight near nightclub, here's the address, 1400 block of webster street. right near the outside of the caribbean city nightclub apparently there recalled the scene now a lot of preparation is the moment the last time we contacted oakland police there were just getting on scene. not a lot of frustration i've come in yet. as soon as a friend and more will let you know. this first first first adopt a kron4 of yours. will attract more friction down for you. listener
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developing story at a san bruno, gastritis version crews row began removing debris from the burn their neighborhood this morning. health officials have been monitoring the area and the quality since the explosion back on september 9th the fire that followed destroyed 34 homes. three others were severely damaged and so were several cars. you can see the damage property in this video. first for removal is the burned out cars, the next three years with the governments of the homes and then a few inches of topsoil as well try to get all the contaminants and chemicals out of there. meanwhile the coroner's office has confirmed the deaths of those three family members of the borough's family that had been missing up to this 0.17 year-old william and his father grigory we see here in this for hour-long with gregory's mother of all on there were all identified through dna testing of those human remains found in the family's home. this
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pushes the death toll to 7. new details for writers and ac transit you will see drastic changes to weekend an overnight service by last may the board of directors and voted to cut nearly half of it will see to it this weekend service and eliminate for the sixth overnight lines the move will save the agency more than $11 million a year it also means the loss of 92 -- all oral columbus in 93 and again draw on. puzzled about 1100 all later customers clearly writers, union workers and community activists are upset. did listen. >> i really feel it is a disservice.
4:35 am
>> how dear leo ruple cut the lifeline that i have that provides my home care providers her way to set to work every day. half year you cut that lifeline for people who need to get to work. how dare you forget that those people who need to get to work every day also need night service. >> this is the third service gets crazy transit this year back in march the district and nearly 8% of its bus service and another 7% was cut and that is such a schedule to take effect in october. bart meanwhile today the board of directors will talk about possibility of selling the naming rights to some of its stations as a way to generate more advertising dollars they want to keep seasons named in a way that helps customers know where they are when they're using the system but they are looking at the idea of selling secondary naming rights like the
4:36 am
civic center station brought to you by starks for incidents. we'll let you know what happens if anything at today's meeting. their proposed elevator tramway between oakland and oakland airport is moving closer to reality the california transportation committee voted unanimously to approve a $20 million in state funding the sum represents only a small part of a project estimated costs but the money is significant because it helps complete the funding for the project. rosa now learning that the cost of in the county a hundred and $44,000 to try for berkeley's of sir johannes miserly. prosecutors spent more than $25,000 on air fare and $55,000 on lodging. the d.a.'s expect is also included $16,099 and other costs. 17 doesn't tear dollars in personal expense claims. a jury convicted him of
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involuntary manslaughter for the new year's day shooting death of oscar branch. in national news some provisions from the health care act that president barack obama signed into law last march will take effect today, nicole collins's in washington with how this will affect you and your health coverage. >> six months ago president barack obama signed into law a sweeping health-care bills now some of the law's provisions are in effect. among the changes insurers were no longer be able to deny coverage to children with pre-existing conditions lifetime limits aren't covered or cancel a policy without proving fraud. >> all of these things are designed not have the government's more involved in health care they're designed to make sure they you have basic protection. in your interactions with your insurance company. >> consumers in new plants are now able to receive cost free press of services keep young adults on appearance and until age 26 to choose their primary
4:38 am
care doctor pediatrician from the health plan's network and use the nearest emergency room without prior approval. >> these are kind of things and american people understand it did not take a 2400 page bill and a trillion to adding to a budget now of 13.4 trillion dollars to accomplish that. >> part of the battle cry ahead of november's midterm luncheon is to repeal a lot of the wind power in congress. this is not because of changes like the ones now taking hold but because they say will increase costs for businesses and individuals. >> many of these changes do not immediately applied everyone with health insurance many of the new requirements are only for plans that start today or after. in washington, nicole callings. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. let us go outside come to give you a cure for mes bay in albany. this had led to the restaurant on west by these zero just before 580 merge.
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in mayor back, less than a tear your bay bridge approach traffic is fairly light, no problems at the toll plaza, and a promise of the stand, easy ride in. highway 92 looking pretty easy, little more volume. still moving at the limit, no issues on the flat section or the high-rise. good ride from hayward to foster city. one last look and arrive at of marin county headlights and so found 101 moving fairly well, no issues no reports of any problems for novato all the way down to san jose, pretty easy ride. officials are warning boaters and other outdoor enthusiast six delta area to take steps to avoid riskier bites that is dr. gruber of mosquitos recently got this positive for us while they were
4:41 am
trapped near gearan parkway the vector control this, i county residents are robbing a rise to drain sources of sitting in the water that could serve as breeding grounds. more problems for google. the czech republic is turning away the internet search engine the privacy watchdogs as the google mapping feature the street you invade people's privacy and the company has refused permission to expand its efforts in the czech republic the internet giant has come under fire from authorities across europe because of privacy concerns. a little more tax, if those tiny keypads on your mobile device does not cut it for you you might want a checked at the world's first virtual keyboard kron4 tech reporter gabe slate choses have this new gadget works. >> this is the world's than this keyboard been an air. the high- tech virtual keyboard the slaves and any surface do this mall is
4:42 am
a director it connects to mobile devices their wireless to to give you a bigger keyword when typing on farms are phones are able to devise despite the board's own keyboard with every type shows up on your device. the ideas of bernie's your typing experience for those who do not like typing on small keyboards inside the laser for director tiny camera and center were to get to know what symbols your fingers are touching i tried it out, it works is fine. but it takes some getting used to was strange not to feel my figures pushing down on the actual keys. we had a projected on a piece of colored cardboard sorry you did pick up the hebrew police year but the company says it will work on any service. sometimes overhead lights can cause a slight visibility from it would work best of them are married natural light. i think you with big fingers and toes to to allow faster on a larger keeper this could offer convenience but it is not cheap, the virtual keyboard was a hundred $70, more information log and get and
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look for my ticket, gives a, kron4 news. >> we will take a break, more headlines trailhead. will we come back, here's a live look as ago it completed your forecasts in a moment, this is just a glimpse of what it looks like a outside san francisco pretty clear. we'll be right back.
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and we're back, it is going to be hot when even the warrantor first full day of fall. louise is treating track. >> it never makes sense but it's gonna be really nice out, you have that look forward to add this early hour. here's a shot of golden gate, a clear shot, announcing as much fraud, we will continue with the warming trends they debitors little warmer, to are even more reason
4:45 am
that, we will call of hot. we're talking but triple digits. here's a look good side, give you an idea 56 degrees for san francisco, much more are in oakland at 51 degrees. still find a chilean senator as an author and cannot but temperatures in the 40's and 50 degrees for livermore. 10:00, we will warm up just continue to keep fifties, sixties and the forecast than by noon all of this dealer shows as the '70s similar to yesterday however, by 3-4:00 all this foreign schurz's '80s. that is different. then we could buy a gun in his '60s, '70s. afternoon highs bringing it to about 81 degrees and thinner as a comedy in the low eighties for napa 84 fairfield from 82 degrees concord. ritter and the media baking as temperatures in the '70s seeing some eighties donatello's daughters, morgan hill. 75 remind you warming it up just a little bit along the coastline. but we're really warm
4:46 am
up as we head towards your friday and your weekend. plenty of sunshine, a clear conditions, a blue skies, temperatures in the '90s. in fact by monday we should-they get up to 101, and some of those warmer in the spots. a parade is around the bay, upper '70's for the coast. certainly beach were there. let's get a checked and your commute. >> thank you, for those of you to setting out the door the good news is you will not run into any hot spots tracking very easy conditions outside take a look at this move the role at the bay bridge, just very few kurds headed westbound towards the city the overnight construction i have been talking about is in the clearing stages see will not run into much still tracking that ideal of dried thyme 8 minutes in the foot of the macarthur maze towards fremont. uriah coming from the krajina as to the macarthur maze around 18 manager. still smooth going on san mateo, those taillights
4:47 am
headed in the commute direction no reports of any problems or delays in either direction across the span we're still tracking that ideal drive time of just about all of minutes from one end to the other. golden gate, nice, quiet just a couple of headlights making their way no problems for yourself sun-dried wrapping up with a quick shot of san jose note from someone 01 in the the direction southbound traffic getting by design a bit more company as you make your way headed northbound still tracking very good drive time 12 minutes from downtown san jose as you make your way up toward santa clara just a quick check on public transit bart, a stream, a judge in all and muni already agreed on time. james. for >> thank you, a story right yesterday morning, the new study that brings three bay area cities are among the worst in the nation when it comes to roads in need of repair, san jose was number one l.a. came in
4:48 am
no. 2, then why, then concord in san francisco, oakland. kron4 is pritzker jury is just a bad things are done. >> this is the kind of bird they're talking about, this is monterey highway as you can see it's cracked, broken, this is a major road this is the kind of throw of the city says that the most trouble maintaining for most of the house after i get to 0.8 to point b. classic example of bad rows. you-and here occurs rumbling over the puddles causing hundreds of dollars of damage a year for cars. san as a the quarter billion dollars to victims like this like they did here and will a grand. it looks like this earlier this year and here's our looks now. for chile san jose does not have enough money to the cells are putting your the top of the battered says. and the city faces more informative miles of bad road
4:49 am
and backlog that took years to build up until they can do more to fix potholes and reflate these roads says it will likely stay at the top. air-conditioned. followed by san rosa, hemet, stockton and to macula. kron4 is jeff bush of the tub of the roads are there. >> there road in conditions in india after divided into on the south side of highway four drivers enjoyed wide smooth roads abetted is a different story in the older part of town to the normal the worst of a lot is hillcrest, road is cracked, pitted with crews and holes to leg of the road. listen as his car hit a pothole. >> but hillcrest is not the on
4:50 am
the street from checked this out, downtown wanted street if there are cracks everywhere, look at this grass is actually growing at this dave drove in from the looks of it the grasses and growing there for quite some time. there's a big group on the street, but it is nothing compared to what is a few blocks over. came across this 6 ft. long pothole on elm street 1 car hit the street on but to take notice of the other drivers they choose to stay in the other lane to avoid the whole. the prose of the roads in many ogburn always ones you can stay several of them on to lake which makes a car kind of bounced down the street. but the city is not ignoring the problem i did see a crew harder work making repairs to this road. antioch, jeff bush kron4 news. >> a 25¢ surcharge on top of the normal $2 fares that's what some muni writers are paying now the new clipper card system has been installed but riders can easily avoid the searchers if they both understand the rules.
4:51 am
>> when heading underground writers can no longer pay cash to the gates instead they have had here to the ticket kiosks and here is where people are getting hit with a 25¢ surcharge. tourism people ride muni runs a while are told that they're being charged 25¢. muni says this is a surcharge to help defray the 35¢ cost of the disposable paper corporate hurt. so how you avoid the surcharge even if you marry muni only once a blue moon will re now the court records are freezer when you come to the keos instead of selecting muni tickets single round-trip cigarettes new clipper card you can add any amount on to the carter including those fare of $2 but is important to do this now or less the amounts because they will start charging for those refillable plastic clipper kurds in june that is on the kurds
4:52 am
will stir costing $5. santa is there, kate thompson, kron4 news. meanwhile police officers they keep thousands of kids and a trapper every year but the san as a police activities league also known as paul is facing cuts, kron4 jonathan bloom was been following this story. >> it is the legislative its kind in the whole country but now it is facing major money problems nearly 12,000 youngsters ages 5-20 play in san jose police activities league spending afternoons at on the field instead of on the streets. the lure of the games we feel it is a good alternative. you should know he's a retired police officer trading young boxers that kept him out of trouble when he was a kid. after getting in some street fights my mother from in the back of the neck and said you must do something positive.
4:53 am
decades later he is kedging athletes like andy is now trying for a shot at the u.s. olympic team. try to follow him. >> trent fall my coaches footsteps. >> they're worried that money problem get tough to traveling compete. the traveling has a lot to do that by as competing in gives a different level budget troubles have or force them to eliminate nearly a hundred police officers. the cats loved one officer and a surgeon to supervise the entire lake and many jobs used to donate have stopped of driving their pay/police could sell rights to the stadium but the city would have to approve it this city will meet with officials soon. but without some source of money ought to have the league's programs could be cut. all >> girl is to keep all the kids on the field. >> we be able to do that this year? >> we're hoping. >> jonathan bloom, san jose,
4:54 am
kron4 news. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. let's go as i did hear a live look at a checked on the red in the subway, 10 when it looks like traffic is moving
4:55 am
will the mets on farm morning news, 4:54 a.m. you're looking at a shot of san jose, currently not looking at in the fog, we are starting to warm up. about 54 degrees sternly by noon we should dampen the '70s a high temperature today into the upper 70's. currently still kind of cool since there is a common napa about 51 for oakland, keeping it in the '50s upper 50s to concord in to hayward. throughout the day warming it up a little bit more than yesterday in the '50s and '60s by 10:00,
4:56 am
by an increase in the '70s back in wichita about in the '80s. this shows is were we will see these in napa valley north bay through the delta as well and livermore. we will call back down to the '60s, '70s by 7:00. brady degrees and your napa also keeping '80s to fairfield. about 66 degrees, not quite beach weather just yet but that will change by the weekend, we will continue with this warming trend ones fall clicks in it brings in summer temperatures and factor into the '90s. and a 101 degrees is expected for your monday temperatures in the inland spot the upper 80s around the big upper 70's for the coast. >> i guess is back. after bottle
4:57 am
over noise and lines, the restaurant was to oppose, it reopened in a new spot is now sharing space with a lime on market street vice is only taking phone orders. >> research order to phone orders it has been working great. is it our way but eager to wait at home instead of coming in . >> i did understand what he waited in line for a baton and raising tolidine. lucia very act. >> open from 10 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. six days a week. . we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. here is a live look good side as we go, leave you with this picture of westbound 80 as your purchase the bay bridge toll plaza.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
in mayor back, a top stories first off a shooting at of the oakland the latest details coming up in just a moment on that. meanwhile ac transit changes coming there as well as the latest from san bruno too. we will have more coming up the cleanup begins today. ac transit as we said some changes happening now for folks to use that service over the weekend and late at night, a big vote last night we will tell you about the service cuts that have been approved in just a minute. following the weather, let's get our first look at that. a gas leak in a rented to. will follow that story in a moment too. first let's get that letter weather, traffic, louisa standing by. as we take a look at the james lick. >> it all begins today the first day of fall, and the first day
5:01 am
of summer i temperatures, here's a look at what to expect. temperatures jumping into the 90s by tomorrow. continue to warm up through the weekend in fact monday brings as 1 01 degrees for an afternoon high. keeping those temperatures around the bay into the 80s, cose '70s. beach like whether to look forward to check on their morning commute with erica. >> is a smooth ride no promises to make your way headed westbound towards san francisco looking pretty good for all approaches. complete check of your bridges and drive them straight ahead. james. >> thank you, now developing story coming of land that is that situation where we had an overnight shooting at a nightclub and factory have a google where the map showing in the area it is on webster st. in oakland it was in the area of the 1400 block of webster rainier and a nightclub out there, kron4 is jackie sissel is
5:02 am
one of the first reporters on the scene giving as a live look, let's check and get the latest. >> as the nightclub let an altercation occurred in a case 77 may been involved two people were shot one with a great one the second was transported to hospital but is expected to surprise since. zero rounds being shot from an ak-47. another gun apparently these to suspects were shorting across the street at each other as the snake well let out. it's america the only two people were in doubt. the suspects are still
5:03 am
standing. >> thank you we will visit with him through the morning getting the latest. affecting a busy road rates take a look of this map, this is on morocco way at interstate 10 it is now a large area is only if your arteries linking it to in and out. agency rated this intersection where some residences have been evacuated. some businesses have not have been allowed to begin in home that is the good news. about a 2 in. gas line was ruptured when some worker with a back row several lines of pg&e is out there trying to get a handle obviously gasolines on the for the front burner of
5:04 am
everyone's mind as we deal with the wake of the gas line explosions. cruz and san bruno removed debris today kron4 is will tran is live with the latest on that story. morning will. >> to morning james, they will start the process a.m., and now we know that they definitely have this scheduled it is to be monday through saturday from eight till 6:00, spirit command center it is not as busy as it has been over the past couple of weeks in fact it is for the quiet you can see the neighbor heard, that is for the gas line exploded i have covered this from the very beginning and even overnight we did see a lot of activity for the past week or so of this morning you can see just market is i do not see police officers coming and going. that rally means the investigation is for is the scene is wrapping up. which is why they're allowing crews flew
5:05 am
to gather about a couple blocks from where i'm located forget all of their equipment going there and start to remove all of the debris the homeowners if they have anything to picked up taking it in there. this is a good sign for the people whose homes or greens eight and perhaps as early as the landscape of their neighbor heard will start to look and little did normal as normal as it possibly can after the explosion. back to you. thank you. meanwhile pg&e says it will foot the bill for the investigation into what was that pipeline to explode the california public utilities commission is expected to vote today on a resolution that would order pg need to find the commission's investigation into that suburbanites was. the resolution will also establish a blue-ribbon panel to study the disaster they say the money for the investigation would come from the company's shareholder profits not from customers. meanwhile the coroner's office confirmed the three members of
5:06 am
the bolas family had been missing up to this 0.17 year-old william and his father grigory you can see in this photo of what gregory's mother of bonds. stop all of densified do dna testing. and is now pushes the death toll from that explosion 27. ac transit board of directors has unanimously approved significant cuts to weekend and late-night service. the agency faces a growing deficit of $40 million. ac transit spokesperson says have these charts will affect driving public. >> having a lease half of our weekend service. but his service on our late-night lines. in addition to which they also opted to cut four of our six late-night service. that would be a service that runs from midnight to 5:00 a.m.. >> board decided to postpone his decision does next meeting on whether not use any deborah contractor for its transit
5:07 am
services prez's physically challenged individuals. surf or ac transit and the employees' union have failed to reach an agreement in which the border directors they could save more than $15 million and provide more service debts this fourth person says they're hoping to reach an agreement soon as well. >> of course i said about cuts in service and to the employees. i think said we need to go to the bargaining table finish of this contract lock-ins' savings of the union has offered a see transit. stop blocking out the writers. >> writers at the meeting say they will now have to have a harder time getting to things like church on the weekends than to work during the week. we will follow that story. let's get the latest on our forecast a we have a change in store a warming trend. good morning louisa. >> if your the to the likes the warm temperatures this is the
5:08 am
forecast the would jump up and down about. yes it is the first official day of fall but his white heat up. we will continue the warming trend driven to the weekend clear conditions in downtown san francisco, not looking at a low clouds. what we are going to start to warm up your the day today. and then this weekend we'll call a hot in fact it will be pretty of this again triple digits and this forecasts. current temperatures still kind of cool and santa rosa napa. this seit will restoo heat up in san francisco. down into monday, san jose temperatures in the low 50s keeping in the '50s, '60s by 10:00. bring some 70 seconds the area. 3-4 your afternoon highs will action brings the meetings. all of this orange roses the areas were see some easing of the napa, san rosa. i doubt that
5:09 am
and also in the livermore. will the back dunnage the '60s, '70s by 7:00. your numbers getting up to about 81 degrees and standards of today. 80 for now, 84 and fairfield. 70 degrees in pleasanton. los 73 around the bay, 66 degrees along the coastline and check out the here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. i think you're going to like it, lots of sunshine clear conditions temperatures in the '90s re-entered the weekend's upper 90s by sunday. triple digits in store for your monday. we could get up to hundred 1 degrees in some of the lens of on monday. upper 80s around the bay, 76 rose. jargon your commute. >> tracking trouble free commune with no major incidents to reporters outside his pretty easygoing at the bay bridge toll plaza, a just a few cars on the road for your westbound ride define our hot spot, tracking a very ideal eight minutes. from the foot of the maze is a maker
5:10 am
way towards fremont. sam is a bridge, traffic is just a little bit thicker, moving without delay as to make to win the commute direction towards foster city. those have led companies founded the hayward still tracking an ideal 13 minutes from end to end. wrapping up with the golden gate, nice, easy ride as a major way towards the city, said fund traffic is moving at a lemon novato and the city limits about a 22 minute trip. we'll be right back with more news, weather,
5:11 am
our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will make it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors, including herself. economists say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety. jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because it will take billions from our children when we can least afford it. get california working again-for all of us. carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china. and while californians lost their jobs, fiorina tripled her salary. bought a million dollar yacht. and five corporate jets. i'm proud of what i did at hp. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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[ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer
5:13 am
in the air back, today's action marks the sixth month point since the health-care overhaul bill and the miles son brings a new benefits for americans insurance plans can no longer set lifetime caps on medical costs parents can keep their adult children on their health plans and the aged 26 and insurers to deny coverage to jevons with
5:14 am
pre-existing conditions. the changes go into effect for some people this week but consumers c,gv)+pvzsé÷hw4kno carrierring no carrier ringconnect 2400 
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5:19 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, now is 518 version official day of fall. we start warming up. again, from a shot all the dishes and it clear conditions. by noon we should jump into the upper 60s high temperatures today of 72 back there again to 60 by the the dark tower. elsewhere forties, we're starting to get out of them no. 56 for san francisco, 61 and your oakland96own to the south bay temperature and low '50's. warming up in the '50s, '60s by 10:00, to run a few '70s, are afternoon highs will bring is in the '80s. a little different than yesterday pockets of these through sinners come up petaluma. fairfield the delta and to the livermore valley.
5:20 am
cooling enough of the '60s, '70s by the 7:00 hour, action is getting up to about 81 degrees for standards of today 80 degrees pretty comfortable in your napa today 70 reruns san francisco, keeping in the '70s around the bay, 76 redwood city, hayward. 85 degrees in antioch. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. keeps getting warmer. check out this weekend gorgeous. funny of sunshine, a clear conditions temperatures in the '90s to the weekend in many of the inland spot is around the bay 70 speech rather by the coast by monday we could talk to reach her book digits. check and your commute. >> waking up to an easy morning commute not dealing with hot spots or slow spots pretty easy conditions. take a look to the bay bridge, traffic is sailing on by coming from all approaches nothing really to getting your way out there of
5:21 am
course those metering lights are offering now tracking a very good drive time just about eight minutes in the foot of the macarthur maze towards fremont. if your coming from the christine is bridge that is about and the team manager. san mateo, traffic is moving well in both directions and no reports of any problems or delays in either direction still keeping that could drive * 13 minutes from end to end, another checked on the golden gate, so bound traffic moving very well rain now no problems for your commute direction ride the bottom of the san francisco about a 23 minute trip. wrapping up with a quick shot across town, james lick, sent to cisco, no promises you made your way toward the peninsula. you're right from the a.d. one split to the airport 18 minute trip. james. >> thank you, falling a few developing stories, first of an
5:22 am
overnight search shooting outside a nightclub on webster street happened about 2:00 a.m. please say about 58 rounds were fired. two people were injured. kron4 is just sissel a lot we would get dates for the morning. other developing story, this one atabrine that the ghastly effect in the busy roadway rain now pg&e crews are working to catch that leaked some residents were evacuated but they've since been allowed to go home we will update you on when they get a handle. meanwhile police officers say keeps thousands of kids out of trouble each year but san as is police activities league commonly referred to as " pal " it is facing drastic cuts. >> here in san as they the largest police activities league is facing major money to our problems. the been stripped of the to the four police officers the run in staffing and pay cuts
5:23 am
mean the league will lose tens of thousands of dollars are worth of their nations. organizers fear the legal have to cut nearly half of the programs that serve nearly 12,000 youngsters they're looking for help from the city and private donors. >> means of a suspected gang lighter charge of attempted murder for shooting a fremont police officer faces additional charges in drew faces a total of 13 felony counts he is also facing life in prison if convicted he shot a two officers who were searching for a last month and then ran off, he's wanted for several outstanding warrants. the man charged in connection with the shootout with the california haole patrol on 580 face additional charges, 45 rob brian williams faces to the additional felly charges williams was headed to kill people ed to nonprofit in
5:24 am
san francisco when chp officers main enforcement stop we have to take a quick break, we will have more headlines straight ahead, a live look as we go a shot from the rooftop camera mild live look as we go a shot from the rooftop camera mild conditions here in san heavy duty truck, live look as we go a shot from the rooftop camera mild conditions here in san have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready.
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all this gunfire erupted, jackie sissel has been following this story live from the scene. jack you're renting earlier the possibility that some sort of semiautomatic ak-47 was being used. >> that is the were being told by police officers up to 60 rounds were fired from to guns. i've rarely this nightclub caribbean city was letting out when this gunfire erupted on the streets of oakland to groups of suspects were shooting at each other from across the street you can see the dozens of boats scattered around the neighborhood shattering windows hitting plate glass windows at the nearby businesses to people were injured one was a graze wound to the head of the sector was more serious, taken to hospital. it is not a life-
5:32 am
threatening wounds, that victim is expected to survive. when you're talking about dozens of people on the street and up to 60 rounds being fired only have to someone minor injuries is almost amazing. >> absolutely this good about what course. that is the nightclub, it looks like you have is a business is on either sens. is the convenience store to left? >> it is a barber shop. this all happen > 2:00 a.m. raid around the time the club was letting out i do not know how many businesses were open. but obviously when a nightclub empties out around 130, 2:00 a.m. there are dozens of people standing on the street. to some minor injuries i would consider that i could mark for the oakland haiti to permit.
5:33 am
>> thank you. jackie sissel as our eyes, ears on the scene will visit him for more details on the story. the other developing story comes at orinda, a gas leak affecting the busy roadway we have a bill or a map showing the location. not a very big downtown location, the rate there is for pg&e said they had a gas line ruptured there was some construction workers using a back row the toward the line. some residents in the area had to be evacuated by the disappoint those who have been allowed to return home, here is video of the workers there at the scene. this action in millbrae. we will get more from orinda coming up in just a bit. in the of the gas line that we're following is obvious and the one of the san bruno, and of the gas line broken by construction crews put another neighborhood on the edges while this happens at 6:00 last night.
5:34 am
in millbrae, also falling a situation in san bruno, that's for a world trend is standing by. >> in about 2.5 hours from now they will start the removal process of the debris in the neighborhood where the gas line exploded. this is video their we saw yesterday, as the start of the preparation, you can see them hosing down the area because obviously by now it is nothing red dirt down there so they are worried about the windy conditions khaki up all of that dirt. the action started the process yesterday we do know a schedule now, it is monday- sunday 8 a.m.-6:00 p.m. depending on the conditions, the weather conditions what they're going to do today is third to remove the burned out cars but it is still a house of this situation as far as the dirt, rebel. these workers will be wearing suits, they will gather a couple blocks from where i'm located in a couple of hours from now we will move over there
5:35 am
and possibly attract some of those workers and see what faces them in the days, weeks ahead as they try to get his neighborhood clean up and back to looking as normal as it possibly can for the homes are still there. back to you. >> thank you, p. keeney says it will foot the bill incidentally for the investigation to what caused the explosion the california public utilities commission is scheduled to vote today on the regulation that would force them to fund the resolution it would also establish zebu blue-ribbon power panel. money from the investigation will come from the shareholders and not from customers. the coroner's office, has confirmed the deaths of three members of the bliss family, they been missing since the explosion, the 17 year-old was a william n. gregoryand hisr
5:36 am
did agree. tgreat. his mother wo killed. this pushes the death toll to 7. you can find all of the information you need here on our web site at let's talk about the weather, here's a live picture san as a. pooped we have a warming trend g your way. good morning. >> first official full day of fall maybe folks are sad because those temperatures are expected to go down. dealing with summerlike temperatures. same goes for the weekend into next week it will be a string of really 1 days ahead of us in fact we will call it a heat wave. . here is a look at some of the temperatures you can expect. 92 degrees expected for friday, getting into the '90s we discontinue to move it up. 96 for saturday, 97 on sunday
5:37 am
checkout monday when no one, is expected for an afternoon high of some of the inland spots eighties around the bay, '70s for the coast early beach weather for this weekend. kerns have just attended: santa rosa, napa about 52 degrees for siderophile, 61 in oakland. over to hayward, concord temperature sitting in the upper 50s. 10:00 a.m., '50s. a few sixties as well then by about noon, warming up since the '70s are high temperatures today all of this oranges indicating '80s. we're working our way up there showing some 83 of the the north bay, doubt that, livermore and then we will collapse the '60s, '70s by the 7:00 hour still tend to stay warm even up until the evening. afternoon highs 81% rows a comfortable 80 degrees in napa. gorgeous did a good napa. dennis said bay temperatures in the '70s of the '80s. here is a
5:38 am
look at your 7 day around the bay. highlights that warming trend each day to. continued into next week. quick check on your commute. >> we're not treking hot spots, slow spots from a doorway is the only real slows but we have is highway 4, that's to be expected. easy conditions under raise traffic is building. but still pretty easy conditions for your westbound ride, no way that the pay gates leading lights off a. very good drive time nine minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze, as you approach fremont street san francisco. san mateo, no province is easy conditions about directions across band. you can see there's still a tad the commute direction towards foster city. tracking what 13-14 minutes from one end to the other. golden gate bridge, nice, easy conditions for years out of ride, no runs in the new direction. dry time of our city limits 23 minutes. highway 37,
5:39 am
to the span 580, clocking in at short,. sweet gum eight suite eo problems to report, we will be right back with more news, weather, disrespecting lunch.
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jobless benefits rose to four under and 65,000 is the first increase the we are seeing in the last five weeks, the labor department said initial claims rose by 12,000, many economists had of suspected a small drop or flat reading. the rise says that draws remained scarce and some companies are still cutting workers. will see how wall street reacts. tropical depression georgette is moving across the gulf of mexico party the gulf of california in mexico. this was the scene as a twitter yesterday is bringing a lot of rain today areas that are
5:43 am
the pretty wet. georgette could bring more rains to the u.s. as well tropical storm lines in effect for stretch of the coast just of the mexican mainland. also in mexico will hurricane curl is gone it is still causing problems, you can see all that water being blamed for the deaths and dames of every rain. sears said friday. some areas got 1 ft. of rain. aside from damage from the inroads there are now mudslides reported. hurricane igor in the meantime has been pelting canada's alleged coast of newfoundland with heavy rain. it's been so bad that residents of been stranded in their loans. in some tech news this morning more problems for google, the czech republic is turning away the internet search engine the country's privacy watchdogs is that the mapping feature street you invade people's privacy and the company has been refused permission to expand its efforts. the internet giant has come under fire from authorities
5:44 am
across europe because of privacy concerns. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. let's go outside, give you a quick look over rooftop camera mild conditions, pretty clear. cool as well as you had at the door it will warm up in and only gets harder as we you had at the door it will warm up in and only gets harder as we had to the weekend full look uxuy with fire in its veins. bold. daring. capable of moving your soul. ♪ and that's even before you drop your foot on the pedal. ♪ the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. the new standard of the world.
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and we're back police investigating an early-morning shooting outside a nightclub on webster streets it happened at 2:00 a.m. police are still trying to flee together what happened in their investigation says the club lead out and to groups started shooting at each other from both sides of the street police say about 50 rounds were fired from a semiautomatic weapon to injured one is undergoing surgery and is expected to survive the other victim grazed by a bullet, no arrests have been made. >> time rain now is 5:47 a.m.
5:48 am
getting a quick check on whether, a shot of san mateo and we're going to warm up. is officially the first full day of fall, it certainly will not feel like it. 52 degrees in some detail by noon jumping up to 70 a high temperature and san mateo 74, backed down and the upper 63:00, current temperatures still in the '40's and to the north bay and places like santa rosa, napa. but a little bit warmer and san francisco 56 degrees, 61 into oakland and down into the south bay temperatures in the low 60s. mountain view, san jose. your the a warming it up all of the more than yesterday. 10:00, mostly sixties, maybe a few fifties and by noon time, we should start to see some '70s worker way into the picture. it does not end there, we do get into the 80s in many locations and far too cool back down by 7:00 into the '70s in the '60s. not too bad even into the eating
5:49 am
evenings. 81 for standards are coming haiti for napa. it will be gorgeous weather into napa in the next couple of days. 84 fairfield '70s around the media bay in the coastline. temperatures in the '60s, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. good-looking, plenty of sunshine, a clear conditions much for into the weekend temperatures into the 90s and some of the war in the spot, in the inland spots on monday we could actually reach 1 01 degrees. quick check on your commute with erica. >> good to go free thursday morning commute, no hot spot to get off slow spots along westbound highway 4 at antioch. but other than that clear conditions are more road race. project, no drums, cars daly on by freer westbound ride into the city pretty good dry time your arrival in the foot of the macarthur maze towards fremont
5:50 am
about a minute trip. if your coming from nicotine is bridge to the macarthur maze, just under 20 minutes. thinking of taking san mateo bridge, no proms it either direction across the span you can see this taillights had been the commute direction towards foster city still tracking pretty good drive * about 14 minutes from one end to the other checking in the the golden gate, nice, quiet conditions. novato toward city limits just about 23 minutes highway 37 over to the east bank about short a minute trip. wrapping up with a quick shot of south bay, won a one note from here southbound traffic getting along just fine a bit more company for headed northbound but still keeping that very good drive time for you downtown san jose up toward santa clara just about a third team manager. james. >> thank you people behaving badly the signs they are everywhere but they only work if you read them. kron4 stanley roberts explains in this edition
5:51 am
of people behaving badly. >> this group of people walking from what i've been saying for four years. that people in the bay area don't think signs apply to them. like the side door closed sign. this side rucker shutdown because of demolition taking place on howard street these two big signs warn people to stay clear. their workers and equipment blocking the sidewalk but most people of just walking the street to get around to even as a budget for this. at one point there were 2 san francisco police officers located on both sides to stop people as some of mrs. big sign and walked around. what the lady in the bay is jackie walking to in the street until the police officer of pfizer down. that she seems confused and she told the side door is closed. and this guy who bypasses the sidebar close sign and walks past the opposite. if
5:52 am
there's a sign that says igor closed there's a pretty good chance there's a reason for it. if you ignore the waiting science and you get injured you cannot blame anyone but yourself. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> we'll take a break, back with more headlines and a moment, i want to look inside the golden gate, just check on the ride commuter train looking alright 7101 moving without delay. we'll be back with more minute.
5:53 am
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5:56 am
and we're back, it is back. after a battle over noise and line sites is back. it closed its doors duplication and they've reopened. business is sharing a spot with a line, out there on market street one big difference bikes is only taking phone orders. >> we switch over to phone orders on the it's been working for anomaly the weight is still the same an hour but eager to rid of commons of coming in this line an agonizing and waiting. i >> then understand why people waited in line along and it is renewed interest tolidine. so we will see how they react. >> will the shop will be open from 10 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., six days a week. let's talk technology is this tiny keypads under mobile device just don't get it for you you may want to check out the world's first
5:57 am
virtual keyboard gave sages are works. >> this is the world's this keyboard than in the air. the high-tech virtual keyboard displays and any service to this laser projector it connects to mobile devices their wireless blue to to give you a bigger keyboard and typing on smart phones are any clue to the device. just like the devices own keyboard or every type shows up on your device. the idea is to offer an easier typing experience for those who don't like typing on small keyboards. inside the tortured tiny camera and sensor works together to know what resembles her fingers are judging i tried it out, it works fine but it takes a little getting used to. it was strange not to feel my figures pushing down-rookies. we protected our caller car words were camera could pick up the laser a little easier. the company claims it will work on any surface. sometimes overhead lights can cause a slight visibility problem it would work best in in
5:58 am
in our memory control the lights. he bullet baking years ago as to type faster on a larger keyboard this device could offer convenience but is not cheap, because one $70 for more of a mission log on to and look for my type page gives a, kron4 news. we're going to take a break, when we come back the latest on a big story this morning the oakland shooting of seven nightclubs and a gas leak still in iran that he genie says it will be awhile before the get a handle on it. we will be right back. our real national pastime? saving money.
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